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Several Police Officers Are Hospitalized After Being Injured in RTA

Nine Belize City Police Officers sustained injuries in a road traffic incident on Sunday, May 22, minutes before six o’clock in the evening. The incident occurred on the Hydro Road in the Arenal Area, Cayo District. The driver, Officer Douglas Card, lost control of the thirteen-seater police van due to loose chippings on the road. This caused Card to skid off the road and the van turned over on its left side. Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, explained to the officers the van was taken to the Benque Police Station, where a full inspection will be undertaken to confirm the mechanical failure.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department:  “He felt the vehicle pulling on one side and he tried to keep it on the highway but unfortunately he lost control almost at the foot of the hill and the vehicle tilted to the left where it ended up on its left side. They were able to come out of the vehicle and four officers received injuries, of all of them we have PC usher that his family is asking for prayers and the department is asking for your prayers. He received neck injuries and he wasn’t breathing properly. I know that the other three officers they were injured received medical treatment, their injuries were classified by a doctor and they have since been released.”

Another police officer was involved in a Road Traffic Accident while he was riding a motorcycle in Placencia, Stann Creek. On Saturday, May 21, Officer Jose Carabantes, was returning from his patrol duties when he encountered another motorcycle in front of him. The motorcycle indicated to turn into the Naia Resort and Spa on mile seventeen and a half on the Placencia peninsula when the officer overtook him on the left side. Carabantes collided with the other cyclist and sustained several injuries. Yearwood says the cyclist was able to get a vehicle that transported Carabantes to the polyclinic in Placencia.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “We know that he suffered head injuries, he was transported to the ISF polyclinic the Independence Polyclinic and later by ambulance to the southern regional where he was listed as critical and was since then they had performed a CT scan, I haven’t received the result of that scanners yet but I know that he has regained consciousness and is communicating with the officers investigating this unfortunate incident.”