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Sex Predator flees to Guatemala during Court Recess

An accused sex offender ditched his court date and is reportedly back home in Guatemala. 40-year-old Abraham Lopez had sexual intercourse with an 11-year-old minor in October, 2013. He had received bail but when the case finally started on Monday, Lopez disappeared during a recess. The mother of the victim told Love News that she wants the police to use Interpol to have him returned to Belize to face the courts.

Karen Guerrero Mother of Abused Minor: “This happen in 2015 when I discovered what he is doing with my child who is my daughter and not his daughter. When she tell me what is going on I come to the police, we do the report, we do the examination as well, everything that we have to do and after that we try to start going to court for adjournment everytime, like once or two years I gone. He went to jail 23rd February 2015 up to the January 2016. I noticed they tell me he come up, the case come up for this Monday the 22nd and we are supposed to show up at court for 9:00 at the trial. When the judge call for me like an hour and some minutes after just to tell me that his attorney didn’t come and we have to give him the chance of the attorney when the attorney come back. I was waiting for them to call me to give my declaration and my daughter and when they call me it was just to tell me that he didn’t show up nor the attorney.. Nobody show for him yet and we are waiting for this man and starting right now he have a detaining order.”

Abraham Lopez had told his children in Belize to pick up his belongings and keep them because he would not return to Belize as he went back to live in Guatemala.