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Sex tourism – how did it end up in Belize?

Tourists engaged in nude acts on Ambergris Caye has caused an uproar in the tourism sector on the island, who are now calling on the relevant authorities to investigate the promotion of these types of activities.

Tourists engaged in nude acts on Ambergris Caye has caused an uproar in the tourism sector on the island, who are now calling on the relevant authorities to investigate the promotion of these types of activities. The nude activities were recorded, and the amateur video were leaked out by an individual aboard the cruise and is now circulated on social media. The video shows several forms of sexual acts being performed openly on the catamaran.  We are unable to show you the graphic video, but we can tell you that there is a similar event being advertised by the Atlanta Institute of Tantra and Divine Sexuality.  Our island correspondent Jorge Aldana has the details in the following report.

Tourism stakeholders on Ambergris Caye are angry and concerned about several videos circulating on the social media depicting tourists engaging in explicit sexual activities on an evening cruise aboard a catamaran. In addition it is believed that it is the same group of tourists that are featured in a second video at Secret Beach on Ambergris Caye semi nude and exposing themselves in public. This has raised several concerns including the fact that San Pedro Town has continuously been characterized as a destination known for its easy access to alcohol, drugs and sex. In addition it also brings into concern whether to allow tours which include explicit sexual activities as part of the tourism branding for the island. That is because a flyer promoting a similar activity has been posted promoting these events in various destinations including Ambergris Caye. According to tourism stakeholders on the island who are abiding by the books and promoting Ambergris Caye as a family destination with clean fun these types of activities should be closely looked at. Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero also spoke on the matter. He indicated that such act of nudity and explicit pornography is a matter that is for the police to investigate. While it is not necessarily the council’s jurisdiction Mayor Guerrero says that it is not something the council supports.

Daniel Guerrero, Mayor of San Pedro: “I finally got to see the video and nudity and pornography is in there and that’s an act of crime for police to investigate. Like I mentioned earlier we are totally against it but it’s not our jurisdiction it’s for police to do their job.” 

Reporter: Is the council condemning it?

Daniel Guerrero, Mayor of San Pedro:  “Yes it has.”

Melanie Paz the National President of the Belize Tourism Industry Association declined an interview but issued a one sentence statement, she said “BTIA does not have all the facts pertaining to the incident at its disposal and as such it is not in a position to comment.” As for the notion that San Pedro is known for easy access to alcohol, drugs and sex Mayor Guerrero said that it is one of the negative things that comes with tourism.

Daniel Guerrero, Mayor of San Pedro:  “We have to be prepared and we all know that tourism brings all this stuff but we have to be prepared also to put controls, to put regulations to handle them in a proper way and we can take a better direction in tourism so people are saying about the alcohol, about the sex, about the drugs and so on I mean things happen but we are there to put controls and that is what we have to do. I think we need the help of the general public, we need all the stakeholders involved, I think we can get the support of them and we can probably be better in the future.”

The videos also bring into question the violation of the tourist’s privacy. Multiple sources have indicated that these types of activities are not uncommon on private chartered vessels but only came to light since the videos were secretly recorded and leaked by a crew member on the private charter.

We reached out to the Belize Tourism Board for a comment on the promotion of sex tourism in Belize but according to their public relations personnel, she has yet to see the video.  We sent it to her but were still unable to get a comment from the BTB.