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Sexual health workshop for the elderly

The National Council on Ageing advocates for the elderly to ensure that they enjoy quality of life. Today, the National Council on Ageing held its second annual Sexual Health and Ageing workshop for women fifty and over. Ix-Chel Poot, Executive Director at the National Council on Ageing explained that contrary to popular belief, the elderly are still sexually active.

Ix-Chel Poot, Executive Director, National Council on Ageing


Ix-Chel Poot, Executive Director, National Council on Ageing: “We seem to think that as we age things stop happening in our lives but an older person is capable of sexual arousal, romantic feelings, of developing close relationships just like anyone else and it’s important that they be able to have the information necessary to cultivate healthy and safe relationships for themselves. Because in the same way they are frowned upon if they go and buy contraceptives is the same way they will feel embarrassed to speak to their doctor or health provider about certain changes that they might be seeing if they are engaging in risky behavior. We have healthcare persons here from the Central Region and they are going to be walking through the biological changes where there are signs that women need to be aware of, things that they might need to look at; they will also be talking about changes in their overall bodies from the clinical perspective. We also will be having a session on nutrition and older health and nutrition as you age because for women it’s also a question of maintaining good bone health and good nutrition.”

Poot said that they hope to conduct the workshop annually and had received very good reviews from the first workshop which was held last year.