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Shadow Ministers named under the UDP

The United Democratic Party has named a list of shadow ministers for the government portfolios.  The UDP Shadow ministers are being tasked to keep up to date with the happenings in the central government and to call out the Briceno administration for any wrongdoings.  Patrick Faber, Tracy Panton and Stephen Duncan have been assigned the Prime Minister’s portfolio of Finance, Economic Development and Investment.  Hugo Patt will shadow the Minister of Natural Resources Cordel Hyde as well as the Agriculture ministry under Minister Jose Abelardo Mai; Beverly Williams will shadow Rodwell Ferguson in the Ministry of Public Utilities; Orson Elrington will shadow Julius Espat in the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing; Earth Lopez and Shyne Barrow will shadow the Ministry of Education under Francis Fonseca; Aldo Salazar will shadow the National Defence and Border Security under Florencio Marin; Francis Humphreys will shadow Oscar Requena in the Ministry of Rural Development; Lisbeth Novelo will shadow Minister Kareem Musa in Home Affairs.  Notably missing from the list of Shadow Ministers is Denise Sista B Barrow.  According to Faber, Barrow has opted to focus on the Queen’s Square division.

Hon.Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition, United Democratic Party: “And as we understand it the shadow cabinet is made up of parliamentarians and so all eight of our parliamentarians, five from the House and three from the Senate, will form a part of the shadow cabinet. Well let me make that correction and point this out immediately that one of the members of the house Sister Denise Barrow- and before people start making mischief and giving trouble let me say that Sista B as we affectionately call her has indicated that she will focus her energy in representing the people of Queen Square which we know she can do very capably and in fact she wants to focus on that and she has asked her to excuse her from any of the duties of the shadow cabinet and that we can count on her full support. So we will not be mentioning Sista B in the shadow cabinet but she is a dedicated member of this party and a parliamentarian who was duly elected and she assures us that she will give her pound for pound in the house representing the constituency which she was elected to serve. We expect to name other opposition spokespersons who although they are not in either of our two houses the Senate or the House of Representatives they will be official spokespersons for the party on the various different portfolios. There were many others who we believe have the technical ability, they have the speaking abilities, they have the knowledge, they have the working wisdom of if you will to be able to help in ensuring that the government is kept in check and please know that this is not the extent of our team. We have in fact for each of these shadow ministries we have technical groups, smaller groups that will be advising our spokespersons on the shadow cabinet members so that they’re able to make contributions to our country’s development in a most effective and efficient way.”

Other UDP Shadow Ministers include Dr Omar Figueroa who will follow the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Climate Change; Shyne Barrow will shadow the Ministry of Youth and Sports; Beverly Williams will also follow the Minsitry of Health and Wellness; Tracy Panton will shadow the Ministry of Tourism and Hilberto Campus will also serve as a shadow minister for the Ministry of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation.  Aside from a missing Sista B, there are several other UDP former ministers who are not included on the list.  The media asked Faber to explain what is being said by their absences.

Reporter: John Saldivar, Rene Montero, Mr.Boots Martinez, former Minister Castro and perhaps a couple other names are we to take it that these stalwarts, these long time supporting UDP members are being retired or are retiring from membership or retiring from politics. Why is it that they are not being given positions in this shadow cabinet? 

Hon.Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition, United Democratic Party: “The simple reason to that Paul is that we listen to people. We want to give a fresh impression of the party. We want to say to people listen our spread is much wider than those faces that you know. If people said to us listen we want to see something different and it is not to criticize any of my colleagues out rightly like that in fact I’ve said to them listen we have to rebuild this party. If what we’re rebuilding the party to suits you then along the way we will ensure that you continue to be a part of this party and you will ensure if that is really what you believe in. And so we have put out nobody out of this party, none, not a single one. I have not said to anybody oh I am the leader now you could just pack up and go, no. No. In fact it is just the opposite we have embraced everybody and said listen we are going to rebuild this party, it is going to be tedious and difficult work but we need all hands on deck.”