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Shawn Perez charged with Handling Stolen Goods

Twenty-two year old fisherman Shawn Perez was charged with handling stolen goods for a stolen motorcycle, when he appeared today before Acting Chief magistrate Sharon Fraser. Perez pled not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that there has been an increase in motorcycle theft; that the defendant may be part of a ring involved in the thefts; that the person whom the police recovered the motorcycle from gave police a statement that he got it from Perez; and if granted bail the defendant might interfere with the police investigation and the recovery of stolen motorcycles. Acting Chief Magistrate Fraser upheld the objection and she remanded Perez into custody until September 25. The motorcycle, valued at $3,000, was stolen on July 26 from Edwardo Caio, the son of police officer Santiago Caio. It was recovered at mile 37 on George Price Highway.