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She is Claiming Self Defence

Yesterday, we brought you an exclusive interview with the family of 39-year-old Louis Adolphus. He was fatally stabbed by his ex-common-law wife 27-year-old Shantel Williams early on Tuesday morning. His family told Love News that Adolphus was a victim of domestic abuse. However, this afternoon, Police Commissioner Chester Williams shared that Williams had filed complaints against Adolphus. In fact, the Commissioner says that Williams is claiming self-defence. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “I know that yesterday morning, there was a fatal stabbing in Belize City and from what we have been made to understand is that there was a domestic dispute between the couple and it became physical. During that altercation the woman took a knife and inflicted one single stab wound to the shoulder of the male, of her male partner. He was seen on the street walking, talking. He actually gave the police an account of what happened and asked to be transferred to the hospital. He was taken to the hospital and then moments later he succumbed to his injuries. So the female partner is in our custody. We have recorded statements. She’s claiming self defence. We know that there are previous complaints that she had filed with the police and so the matter is with the D.P.P. at this time and they will determine if in fact the lady will be charged and if yes, what she will be charged for.”