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Sheila Ayala is the winner of Coastal Zone’s trivia challenge

Sheila Ayala of St. Ignatius Primary School is the winner (VO) of the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute’s trivia challenge. Second and third place went to Aspen Peralta of Belize Elementary School and Caleb Williams of St. Joseph R.C. Primary School.  A total of ten schools participated in the competition with questions based on the coastal zone.  The event was held this morning at the Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts. Love News was there and spoke with Chantalle Samuels, the Chief Executive Officer, at the Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute who said that the trivia challenge is geared towards building awareness of the coastal zone.  

 Chatelle Samuels CEO Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority Institute: “The beginning of September we engaged these ten schools, we provided them with an invitation to participate in the competition, we provided them with the questions, we provided them with the rules and it was a good relationship that we have had with them over the past couple of months as they prepare their candidates to represent their school at todays competition. The students specifically were provided with questions on the value of the coastal zones, the resources, how we as Belizeans benefit but also the threats to the coastal resources and what management practices or interventions are being put in place on the ground to help safeguard the resources. There is a need to create more awareness, creating awareness or building awareness, it’s a continuous activity for us and while the primary school curriculum does provide for lessons on the coastal resources we felt that it was important to highlight those issues that are affecting the resources but also we want Belizeans to understand from a very young age that there are benefits to be had. We currently benefit and whatever management interventions are being put in place it is to ensure that these benefits will continue to occur for generations to come.”

Apart from the trivia, Samuels said that there are several other activities plan for the week including a tertiary level competition and informational fair at the Falcon field in San Ignacio.  Samuels added that the week of activities wraps up on Friday night with an awards ceremony, where they will be honoring individuals who helped with the success of the organization.