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Shemar Nunez Killed after Robbery

There were two persons killed by gun violence in Belize City over the weekend. Shemar Nunez, the son of Sebastian “Sabby” Nunez was killed during a robbery on Albert Street on Sunday morning.

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “Three generations of the Nunez family are a microcosm of Belize City’s at risk youths. Sebastian Nunez Senior in his 60’s, Sebastian Nunez Jr. In his 40’s and Shemar Nunez deceased at 23. This past Sunday the third generation member of this family was killed, his passing was captured on camera and the shooter will not be charged.

ASP Alejandro Cowok – Head CIB Belize City: “Yes we believe that force was justified, the post mortem result will show us what transpired and as far as I know Mr. Nunez only has one gunshot wound to his body.”

Jose Sanchez- Reporter: “The police say Nunez and a minor were committing a robbery when he was shot.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: “There was robbery on Albert Street, as a result police visited that location and upon visiting an area on the Albert Street they observed the motionless body of a male person on top of a bicycle.  The person was identified as Shemar Nunez 23 years old Belizean of a Lovely Lane address. What police has gathered so far is that Mr. Nunez and another minor had just robbed a business establishment on Albert St. and as they were leaving the establishment they were pursued by a person and as a result Mr. Nunez pointed his firearm at the male person, where the person also had a firearm and fired shots at their direction causing the above-mentioned injuries to Mr. Shemar Nunez. Also beside him, police found a pistol loaded with a magazine containing several rounds of ammunition. At a distance not far from Albert Street exactly on South Street police found the minor along with suspected cash that was stolen from the robbery.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Nunez’s father Sebastian Nunez is clearly hurt but is also making no excuses for his son.”

Sebastian Nunez – Father of Deceased: “I will be real as a parent and I will be real as a street man. The way the policeman told me that my son lost his life, the way they explained to me the things that he was doing. If that is what he was doing, he lost his life like that I have to take it as a man, as a parent, accept it and bury my kid if that is the way he lost his life. If that is not the way my son lost his life then I have to look into the matter with the law or somebody who can help me in the law to fight this because I tell you if that is how it happened then I have to take it like a man.”

Jose Sanchez -Reporter: “Man to man, you know growing up you had your troubled past,everything and you found your way to change. Have you ever had a chance to talk to your kids? Do you think he thought maybe my dad did a little thing when he was younger maybe I could do a little thing too and get away with it?”

Sebastian Nunez – Father of Deceased: “Listen to me I will tell you like I said I didn’t condone my kids in any crime. When they are with me they are somebody else, when they are with their company they are somebody else so I can talk for when they are with me, I cannot talk to them when they are with their company. I won’t paint my kids bad and I won’t paint them pretty, I won’t hide anything for any of them and I won’t paint them bad either. I don’t know up to know how he lost his life, I don’t know my son for a robbery man or any type of criminal man to go on those types of things there but I cannot say yes and I cannot say no.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head CIB Belize City: “We have the Police camera right on Albert Street that is assisting us with the investigation. Yes, we are preparing a file at this moment and we are just waiting for results from the lab so that we can complete a file and thereafter to the DPP’s office. The police recovered like $660 from one of the suspects whilst escaping from the robbery site.”

Jose Sanchez -Reporter: “As a parent what do you say to your other kids now that they have grown up, they saw what happened to him, how do you talk to them about how to live or how they should move around now?”

Sebastian Nunez – Father of Deceased: “Well, I will be straight, I have one other son right now that is not with the law. I have two sons: one is a BDF and the other works with the Police at Raccoon Street. I have no problem in the streets with them right now. I have one son that is my youngest son right now and I pray to God that he takes an example from what happened and try to straighten his life and live a better life.

Jose Sanchez -Reporter: “The patriarchy of the Nunez family mourns and hopes the next generation will survive these city streets. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

The minor who was allegedly with Nunez is expected to be charged by tomorrow. After the incident on Albert Street, the police department responded to shots being fired in the jungle area of Freetown. Tear gas and pepper spray was used and the individual escaped, while an associate was detained for questioning.