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Shepherd Shot at as He Lit Cigarette at Night Club

A night of socializing turned deadly when gun men executed twenty three year old Mark Shepherd of Hattieville Village. On Saturday night, Shepherd and his girlfriend visited the night club Iguana Lounge. Less than two hours later, Shepard was in a nearby drain fighting for his life. Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster of Rural Eastern Division gave the details.


“On Saturday night at about 11:55pm Hattieville Police visited the KHMH where they saw the lifeless body of one Mark Shepherd and what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his right back, two gunshot wounds. Later investigation revealed that Mark Shepherd along with his common law was sitting in front of the Iguana Lounge in Hattieville when two male persons, one dressed in a hood with what appeared to be a firearm fired the shots that fatally claimed the life of Mark Shepherd. That investigation is ongoing at this time, we do not have a motive as yet.”

Shepherd lived with his Grandmother, Marie Shepherd, who spoke to us of the last time she saw her grandson which was around ten o’clock on Saturday night.


“The third time when the phone rang that was at about a couple minutes to twelve and I heard Judy say “Granny it’s me.”  So I asked “Where are you, you’re not with Lois and the others?” He said he was in Belize so I asked him, “What are you doing in Belize?” She said “They shot Marky but they already brought him down and he’s not doing well.”  So I got up and ran across to my other son that lives beside me and I told him what happened. I didn’t feel bad right away because I said that it was just one shot and they told me that the other young man was alright but he was not talking. I said okay then. The young man that took him, took him out of the drain because she {Judy} said that Marky bought a beer and she drank her coke but Marky didn’t get to finish his beer. She said that she left to use the bathroom. Marky thought that she had been gone for a long time so he went to check on her. She said that when they came out they sat on the step and from there he got up to light a cigarette and the gunman saw that and it was a close shot and he shot him. She hid so that the gunman wouldn’t see her. I feel that if the gunman had seen her he would have seen her too.”

Family members say Shepherd was not a trouble maker and if he was in danger they would have said something. His grandmother believes that his brother may have been the target but someone took revenge on Mark.


“When they told me that Marky got shot I asked who could do that to him because he’s not a problem person. Marky doesn’t like the police at all. When he sees trouble he would move away. If anybody threatened Marky we would have known because he was a very talkative person whenever something happened to him he would tell us. If Marky ever got in a fight they would have to had really did him something. I don’t feel that it was a mistake. If it was a mistake why would you fire so many shots at them. He has other brothers that have problems and it could only be revenge, it could only be something like that because he doesn’t have any enemies. Now a days when things are happening that is the way it is, if I can’t get you I’ll get your mother or your father or somebody you love and that is what happened here. The brother that is a problem they are always out to get him but they never get him because he doesn’t stay out either.”

Police has no motive at this time. Shepherd leaves behind one unborn child.