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Sherla Adolphus loses civil suit against Dorian Pakeman

Sherla Adolphus has to pay the court two thousand dollars after a second civil suit she brought against Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman was unsuccessful yesterday. Pakeman knocked down and killed Adolphus spouse, Dean Dawson, in March 2016. Dawson was on his bicycle on mile 23 of the Philip Goldson Highway when he was run over by Isuzu D-Max, a government vehicle being driven at the time by Pakemen. After much media coverage, it was not until 10 months after that Pakeman was criminally charged with ‘death by careless conduct’. In her first suit against Pakeman, Adolphus settled for a reported $45,000 and signed a non-disclosure agreement. Adolphus, who is taking care of Dawson’s four children, filed a second suit against Pakemen. Yesterday, after failing to obtain a pro-bono attorney, Adolphus represented herself.


Majority of the stuff they are talking to me about I really don’t understand because I cannot afford a lawyer – and that is where they looked on me and did what they did today because I really cannot explain myself. I went to legal aid to ask for assistance and they told me they cannot do anything for me because it’s a government case so what else should I do. The judge says to go write my own summons, when I did that it was like these summons were like nothing to them. I cannot say anything about my summons. I did not express myself the way I wanted in this court this morning because they did not give me a break. Ms. Finnegan looked upon me and said all I needed to do is say yes or no. I don’t know what they will ask me, I cannot explain. The yes or no comes with explanation when I am speaking they don’t want me to explain so that is where all of this comes about and I’m so sorry that my common law husband died*.

The matter was heard before Supreme Court Justice Sonya Young.