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Shoman vs Faber in Collet

The Collet Division is one of thirty one electoral areas that will see voters coming out on November 4 to elect an Area Representative.  Today, we met up with the two candidates for that area.  The incumbent, Patrick Faber told us that he is not sure where his opponent is campaigning or what she is doing because he is too focused on other things.




Incidentally, we met up with Yasmin Shoman in the Mayflower Street area with some campaigners around mid-afternoon.  We spoke to her on the progress of her campaign.


“Collet is one of the poorest, neglected and abandoned divisions. We have a high level of unemployment, hundreds of children out of school because their parents cannot afford the cost, housing is the main cry, jobs, lack of access to healthcare. They cannot acquire a parcel of land as you can see with the persons residing in the London bridge area. There are over 219 families that live on these London bridges and they are not all immigrants. Some of them have four children that are able to vote perhaps the mother can’t vote but there are four Belizean children that are registered voters. The main cry though and after these floods it was exposed even more clearly is a lack of decent housing. With 10 inches of rain nobody’s house should be collapsing and that just exposes the deplorable conditions that these people of Collet are living in. They can’t find work and those who are fortunate enough to finish school can’t get a job, these are problems that we will be tackling.”

Elections are slated for Wednesday, November 4.