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Shooting in Camalote Village leaves one man hospitalized

One man is in police custody following a shooting incident in which one Jose Gonzalez was shot and injured in Camalote Village. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of the National CIB provided details of the incident.

ACP Joseph Myvett Head National C.I. B.: Police responded to an information at the Western Regional Hospital where the observed Jose Gonzalez with an apparent gunshot wound to the right upper chest. Initial police investigation reveal that Gonzalez was at a farm owned by Russell Hyde when he received the said injuries.

 Reporter: The farm that Mr. Gonzalez was found, Russell Hyde’s Farm, is that the late Russell Hyde?

ACP Joseph Myvett Head National C.I. B.: Well it is Russell Hyde’s farm, Russel Hyde does have a junior who is in charge of the farm.

Reporter: What is the relation between him and Gonzalez? Or you can’t tell?

ACP Joseph Myvett Head National C.I. B.: I am not at liberty to say that at this point in time as I do not want to prejudice the investigation.


No motive has been established for the attack on Gonzalez.