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Shooting in Lake-I; Duo Hospitalized

Last night two men standing at the corner of Marigold Lane and Jasmine Street were shot. Two twenty six year old males have been admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and are reportedly in stable conditions. Sergeant Hilberto Novelo gave the details on the shooting.


Police visited the KHMH where they saw Ben Andrews, a 26 year old of Belize City, suffering from apparent gunshots wounds to the left and right hand side of the chest. Also seen was 26 year old Tyrone Myers, also a 26 year old suffering from apparent gunshots to the left elbow, left knee and right thigh. Initial investigations revealed that they were both standing on the corner of Jasmine Street and Marigold Lane when a male person approached them and fired several shots in their direction causing the mentioned injuries. Subsequently they were transferred to the KHMH where they are in stable conditions.”

Police say they have one person in custody at this time and they have recorded statements from the victims.


Not at this time. At this time we continue the investigation and we are following certain leads. We have one person detained at this time who we believe can assist us in the investigation. The victims have been interviewed. They are saying certain things which I wouldn’t want to disclose at this time.”

The area where the men were shot was at the corner near an abandoned house. According to residents the area is known to be where drugs are highly trafficked. Police would not confirm that to us today.


I do not want to go into those kinds of details in this information. As I mentioned we do not have a motive at this time. As soon as we gather information we can relay that to you.”

Police did not say whether they believe the shooting was gang related.