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Shooting in the Old Capital Injures Two

Reports of several shootings over the weekend in the old capital began surfacing from Saturday evening at around six o’clock.  Authorities, upon visiting the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, they came across 19-year-old, Abraham Craig of a Racecourse Street address who had a gunshot wound to the right leg.  Craig was reportedly on Queen Charlotte Street on Saturday evening when he was shot.  Craig was in the company of 22-year-old, Tyrone Guy who resides in the area.  Guy was also shot and remains critical as he is scheduled to undergo surgery after he was shot in the right shoulder and both legs.  A man who lives in the neighbourhood spoke to Love News on what he saw.


“Well at about 5:30pm the gunman just started to shoot and two or three guys were passing on the street. The gunman started firing shots at the three guys. I was coming the same time then the gunman just pulled out his weapon and fired about eight shots at the kids, two got shot and are in the hospital right now. The gunman looked like he came with the idea that he was going to kill anyone. Before the gunmen came the three boys were walking down the street, when they heard the first shots they got scared and the gunman just fired more shots.”


“Do you know the two guys that got shot?”


“Two of them were my friends in this area. Coolie and Abraham, those were the two guys that got shot, they’re in the hospital getting their surgery. About a half an hour after the incident the police came, their mother came and told the police that she didn’t like what happened. The drove them to the hospital after they got shot. He wasn’t wearing a mask, the gunman came bareface and emptied his gun.”

According to the witness, the lone gunman was on bicycle and was not in any way disguised.  In speaking with Craig’s family, they do not believe that he was the target of the gunman.  Meanwhile, Love News understands that there was another shooting in Belize City on Lakeview Street as well as Pregnant Alley and on Sarstoon Street.  Reports on those incidents, however, have not been forthcoming from the Belize Police Department.