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Shooting incident leaves one man dead,the other hospitalized

24-year-old Windell Gibson was shot and killed on Lindos Alley shortly before five o’clock on Thursday afternoon. A second man Keron Santos was also shot to the left shoulder and is currently hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Love News understands that two men on a motorcycle rode up to them and fired several shots in their direction. Officer Commanding the Crimes Investigation Branch, ASP Alejandro Cowo briefed the media this morning about what police has learned so far about the incident.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Officer Commanding, Crimes Investigation Branch

“Santos was walking on Lindo’s Alley when two male persons approached him on a motorcycle and one of the persons fired several shots at their direction causing the fatal injuries to Windel Gibson. So far police have detained two persons that we believe can assist in the investigation and the investigation continues at this moment. We don’t have any specific motive as have learned that based on our information and work that we have done that the deceased is not affiliate of any gang group or gang member and neither is he from that area he is from another area in the city. We can say that the victim was at the wrong place at the right time. Gibson. We do not suspect that any one of them were the intended target at this moment.”

Police say Gibson sustained about six gunshot wounds to his body. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the KHMH. Police recovered several 9mm expended shells from the scene and are presently following all leads, including that the incident may be a possible retaliation. Given the recent spate of shootings and murders in the City, ASP Cowo says they are spiking up their surveillance.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Officer Commanding, Crimes Investigation Branch

“Yes we are aware of the bravery of these guys. Yes we have a patrol posted at the corner of Conch Shell and Ebony Street, we have a police presence there. Likewise there will be several patrols that will be implemented for this weekend so that we can try and maintain minimal crime in the area.”

Love News understands that Gibson was a fisherman who would often be at the fish market in the Conch Shell Bay Area. The family would not comment on his murder but they do not believe he was the intended target of the shooting.