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Shooting incident sends man to the hospital

28-year-old Julian Ebanks of Hattieville Village is fortunate to be alive after he came under fire on Sunday night. According to police reports, at approximately 11:00 p.m. Ebanks was socializing in the Conch Shell Bay area when he heard several shots and felt a burning sensation to his left shoulder and left cheek and realized he had been shot. One of the neighbours told us what she saw.



“I was on the phone and I just heard three shots and when I got up I didn’t see anybody. About five minutes after that I saw a boy come out from behind the house and sat down bleeding. So one of his friends came back here asking me if I could please take him to the hospital and I took him to the hospital. He had shots in his face, on his side, but when we got to the hospital he was still alive. He looked like he was angry. He was angry. We just took him to the hospital that is all we know about, he is always around here but I don’t know him by his name or anything like that to talk to either. I just saw him around, I just gave him a little hand I didn’t want to see anyone die in front of me and if I can help you out I will give you a hand.”

Ebanks was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is undergoing treatment.