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Shooting leaves neighborhood paralyzed

There was a shooting incident just after four o’clock this evening on Police Street in Belize city.  A team from our news centre rushed to the crime scene and found that two persons were injured.  Police had the area cordoned off but we did manage to talk to a neighbor who told us what she heard.

Voice of Resident: “I would say around 4 or 4:30 my family and I was watching a movie as per normal in the evening and we heard some gunshots being fired and it was about five or six gunshots that we heard and when I looked through my window a little boy had just come to call one of my nephews and we told him that my nephew was sleeping and all I could have said to my sister was the little boy, the little boy because I don’t know what direction it was coming from but I know that I heard the shots and after that we came out, the police came and to my knowledge someone got shot and that was about it. Who exactly did it? I just saw two persons, one on a bike and one was running and that was it.”

The two victims are 22-year-old, Brandon Young and 23-year-old, Kevan Slusher.  Young was shot to the left arm while Slusher was shot to the right hand.  Initial investigation revealed that Young was at home with  Slusher when a dark complexion male person approached them and fired several shots towards their direction.