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Shooting Out West Claims the Life of a teen and critically injures a minor

Tonight, a teenager is dead and a minor is in critical condition after they were shot last night in the Cayo District. The incident is said to have been a case of mistaken identity and one that has shocked the quiet community of Unitedville Village. Reporter Vejea Alvarez headed out west and files the following story.

On Monday night just before the curfew hour the chronic gun violence that has been plaguing the nation made its way here in Unitedville Village in the Cayo district and claimed the life of a teen and critically injured a minor. 18-year-old Lloyd Myvette and 9-year-old Jamir McCoy were sitting on this vehicle in front of McCoy’s home when a gunman walked up and unleashed a hail of bullets at them. The shots broke the silence of a peaceful night and left McCoy with a gunshot wound to his abdomen and Myvette with a gunshot wound to the right side of his chest. They both fell to the ground and were eventually rushed by a good Samaritan to the Western Regional Hospital where Myvette succumbed to his injuries while his friend Jamir remains in a critical but stable condition. The teen’s mother Roberta Myvette said that the last time she saw her son alive he was gasping for air.

Roberta Nancy Myvette, Mother of Lloyd Myvette

Roberta “Nancy” Myvette, Mother of Lloyd Myvette: “I was just about to call him when I heard the gunshots and didn’t know it was him that got shot. I was in my house and when I heard somebody calling my name and when I went out it was two little girls and they said ‘Miss Nancy Pap’s got shot.’ and I ran out and I went over to where he was by the neighbor and when I reached there I saw a guy had him in his hands and I slapped him up and I prayed with him. And I was saying ‘Paps, Paps !’ but he didn’t respond. So a good Samaritan took him to the hospital and then we went behind and we were there like about five minutes and the police came out and asked who is the parents of the bigger boy and I went in and the doctor told me ‘I’m so sorry to give you the news but your son didn’t make it.’ “

Myvette says her son, who was known throughout the village as Paps, had gone to speak to McCoy’s father who he was supposed to work with this morning. 

Roberta “Nancy” Myvette, Mother of Lloyd Myvette: “When he goes and he works he will bring all his money and give to me and if he wants a little coke he will ask me for a two dollars to buy the coke but this time he was not working, he just was looking for a little job and he was so excited when he came in yesterday and he said ‘Mom, I already took in the form so I hear they’re picking oranges by the cool shade.’ so he and some friends was supposed to go today to pick the oranges so that he could have that finance to travel everyday when they call him that’s what he told me and unfortunately this the outcome of it.”

Myvette’s older sister Pauline says that Paps was a very loving person whose life was innocently taken away. 

Pauline Myvette, Sister of Lloyd Myvette: “My little brother didn’t harm to anybody. He would never hurt a fly, he was always jovial and he loved giving jokes, everybody in the village knows him as a good young man because everybody he sees he runs joke with so people could smile and he never gave any trouble nothing so for this to happen to him it just came as a shock to the family because as far as we know he was not the intended target, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time at that moment he and the little boy.”

While McCoy’s family was too distraught to speak to us both Myvette’s mother and sister say that even the trigger man has brought such unimaginable pain into their life they will pray for him.

Roberta “Nancy” Myvette, Mother of Lloyd Myvette: “I’d just like to say to the young men out there who are sitting down idling come and give your life to God and stop killing innocent people. Everybody has life and everybody loves their loved ones so please I’m pleading with you all stop, put down the gun, do something positive with your life.” 

Pauline Myvette, Sister of Lloyd Myvette

Pauline Myvette, Sister of Lloyd Myvette: “Well to the person that did this he was a coward because they knew that it was not my little brother innocent. They are a coward. They have the heart to shoot my little brother and an innocent nine year old and run right ? And I would say to that person I wish God would punish him whatever judgement or justice just go forth for him make God just punish him in his own way because it’s wrong what they did, they took away innocent life and they don’t know how parents, family members, siblings how they feel about that individual. So I would just say that I pray that he would repent and just do the right things because God doesn’t like ugly.”

While the identity of the shooter is yet to be confirmed police have detained a man from the village after two live rounds of ammunition were found inside his home last night.