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There have been reports in the north that the Customs Department was in hot pursuit of a vehicle carrying contraband and the chase allegedly ended with the vehicle flipping over. The story changed today and it is still unclear if the Customs Department was involved. According to ACP Joseph Myvett, the police received a report from a man who says in the dead of night he was attacked by someone in a vehicle who was shooting at him while he was driving in the San Victor area of Corozal.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crims Investigation Branch: “Yesterday police received a report from one Wilfredo Roger Pat who stated that on Tuesday night sometime around 8PM whilst he was leaving San Victor Village in the Corozal district en route to his home in San Narciso village and at the time he was accompanied by one Laurel Novelo. According to Mr.Pat upon him leaving San Victor Village he observed that a vehicle was coming behind him and he felt several bumps from the vehicle. As a result, he sped off and later heard several shots fired. Somewhere during the course, he lost control of the vehicle and overturned and he made good his escape into the cane field whilst Mr.Novelo received several injuries and was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital and later to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is now listed in a stable condition. It is being looked at from all angles the police did visit the scene where a number of goods were found on the scene as well most of which were destroyed. We cannot say whether or not they were uncustomed but most of the goods were damaged. We are only looking at it from the traffic standpoint and as well that a complaint was made so it will be investigated in relation to shots fired.”

Reporter: Are you all investigating the customs department?

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crims Investigation Branch: “Well we do not know whether or not it was customs so hence the reason for that part of the investigation.”

ACP Myvett that they have not received any reports of the Customs Department being involved in the incident.