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Shooting victim claims he was targeted for helping in protest to save woman’s house

56-year-old, Clement Nevin Mangar was shot on Monday night to the chest and abdomen in Belmopan.  Love News received information indicating that Mangar was heading home at around nine o’clock last night after visiting her daughter when the incident occurred.  Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz spoke with Mangar who says he believes the recent situation involving the home of Nicholasa Cus landed him in the hospital.

Clement Mangar Shooting survivor: “Last night at about 7:30 I went to my daughters house in Maya Mopan and I stayed there for about half an hour. At about 8:30 I left there to go to my home not too far away up Tull Street on Fallen Gate Avenue and I saw a guy standing. As I passed approaching towards him at about 10 feet away from him he just shouted my name Mangar whats up and started firing shots. I saw the fire out of the gun and I start dodge and two shots hit me: one in my chest and one in my abdomen.”

Fem Cruz: “Can you tell us the motive?”

Clement Mangar Shooting survivor: “Well bredrin I have been living over 55 years and I have never had any problem like this. Nobody try to shoot me but as I tried to help a lady that they broke down her house this is what happened to me. I strongly believe it relates to do with a home that was broke down for Mr. Golasacos and because I am the one who built back the house so I know that I was targeted for that.”

Fem Cruz: “Do you know the person that shot you?”

Clement Mangar Shooting survivor: “He was ten feet away from me. I know him very well. He even called my name and asked me “ what’s up Mangar”. “Whe di go ann Mangar” he said and started firing shots. I never in my life had problem like that, he is related to somebody.”

Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent Love FM.”

Mangar, who is a member of the PUP Marshalls, has undergone surgery and is in a stable condition.