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Shooting Victim Recovering

Lascelle Jeffords was shot to the right shoulder and the right abdomen area a few days ago. He was injured while two men attempted to steal his gun while he was on duty as a security guard at the law firm of Courtenay Coye LLP on A Street in Kings Park. His wife, Elaine Jeffords says he is slowly improving.

Elaine Jeffords, Wife of Lacelle Jeffords: “I know it’s an ongoing investigation but at least I wanted to see one of their faces to let me know what is happening but nobody has contacted me from the Police Department.”

Reporter: Have they interviewed him ?

Elaine Jeffords, Wife of Lacelle Jeffords: “No not as yet because of his injury, he can talk but the doctor doesn’t want him to talk much so they just want him to relax so they haven’t talked to him.”

Reporter: In terms of recovery what are the doctors saying ?

Elaine Jeffords, Wife of Lacelle Jeffords: “Well they say he is stable right now and out of the critical state but they are still giving him a couple more days until they can breathe a sigh of relief.”

The police department has impounded a vehicle they believe was used during the shooting incident.