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Shooting victim recovers, police seek three suspects

Police are looking for three persons in connection with the shooting of nineteen-year-old Valentino Ack. He was shot while walking in Bella Vista Village in the Toledo District on Tuesday night sometime after nine o’clock.

ACP Myvette: Valerio back 19 years laborer of Bella Vista village was seen with serval gunshot injuries, one to his right leg, one to his left arm and one to his left foot. Initial investigations reveal that the victim was walking alone in the village when he heard several shots and realized that he was shot. Police are looking for three suspects in relation to this incident.

Reporter: The report yesterday and that he saw two persons, does he recognize those persons?

 ACP Myvette: Yes he does, he did recognize two of those persons who are being sought, we are still trying to establish a motive,  we know that here have been several back and forth instances between him and several persons from m that village.

reporter: So it looks like it was a personal conflict?

ACP Myvette: Could have been.

Police say Ack is not known to the police but the suspects are. Ack was shot with a nine millimeter pistol and has been released from the hospital.

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