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Shooting Victim Refuses to Cooperate with Investigators

While police are trying to find the man who shot and killed Allison Williams over the weekend, they have also been trying to find the person who shot and injured 27-year-old, Jason Sutherland on Saturday night in Belize City.  Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson, who runs Precinct Two, told Love News that they have been experiencing setbacks in their investigations as the injured man refuses to cooperate with the authorities.


“On Saturday June 13 sometime after 9pm police were called out to a shooting on Central American Boulevard where they learned that Jason Sutherland, a 27-year-old Belizean was standing on Central American Boulevard and he heard several shots fired and then later realized that he was shot in his left foot. So far we haven’t made any progress to this point as the victim is not cooperating.”

The shooting occurred on Central American Boulevard near its junction with Fabers Road in Belize City on Saturday night.  Sutherland was shot to the left foot and is now recovering.