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Shooting Victim is a respected Family Man

But who is Lascelle Jeffords. Apparently, he is a well-loved and respected member of the community. One of the founding partners of Courtney Coye LLP and Elaine Jeffords spoke to Love News about the Christian man who is in recovery.

Elaine Jeffords, Wife of Lascelle Jeffords: “My husband Lascelle Jeffords; he has been doing security for over fifteen years. He is well loved by his family members, he has friends, he doesn’t have enemies at all. Everybody that meets him loves him. Everywhere he walks on the street he would say hi, hello, good morning and God bless you. He is a God fearing man who goes from home to work and from home to church. He read his bible everyday, he is a good father, he supports the kids, the grandkids; all the grandkids love him. When they heard the sad news everybody from the smallest one was crying. Yesterday because we usually video chat because he is in the hospital when the video chat ended one of my little granddaughters started crying because she wanted to see her grandad and she keep crying until they put on back the phone so she can see him. When she saw him she said I love you grandpa and I miss you and when they turn it off back then she stop crying so he loves everyone. “

Christopher Coye, Founding Partner, Courtenay Coye LLP: “Mr. Jeffords is a nice man, God fearing man and noticed in this little community for these qualities that he has so we hope and pray for a full recovery for Mr. Jeffords as he struggles with these extensive injuries that he has suffered. “