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Shooting Victim surprisingly Positive about life, the morning after

Kishawn Dennison could have been the latest murder statistic. But last night, the gun that his assailant had didn’t fire when he was within inches of his face. Though he ran, he was injured. Today we spoke to the police about the investigation as well as the shooting victim, Dennison who was in good spirits in spite of a bullet that went through his thigh.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: ” Last night just minutes before 9 Police visited the Hospital and there they observed Kishawn Dennison a 25 years old suffering from gunshot wound. We do not have any history in regards to him being involved in any gang rivalry but we know that the area where he lives is an area of concern us.

Jose Sanchez: “We were looking into the latest shooting incident that happened last night on Antelope Street Extension and we encountered this Shell man on his bicycle and we decided to ask him where was the latest shooting incident and where it occured and it just turned out that Kishawn Dennison is the latest shooting victim.

Kishawn Dennison: “ I lived behind the drugstore and I rode out to go buy food at Li Chee and when I rode out to buy my food and came back I was riding through the lane here. When I reached the end of the lane a young man walked up to me in the lane wearing a grey hoodie. He walked in front of my bike and when I told him what’s up he then told me what was going on and then he told me hold this. He pulled out the gun and put it on me and I don’t know if his bullets… because it was a barrel gun. I don’t know if his bullets were wet or what happened but when he pulled the trigger first because he put in my face. When he put it in my face and pulled the trigger the gun looked like it missed and I ducked. I spun my bike around and rode off. When I rode off I heard the first shot burst off and when the first shot burst off my sprite that was in bag flew out my bag like he must of hit my sprite because that burst out of my bag. When that burst out of my bag I jumped off my bike looked back and ran. He fired the second shot and  that hit me in the foot. When he hit me my foot my foot flew up but I continued running right down the street and when I looked back I saw him running down that lane and left. At first I wasn’t paying him any mind because I didn’t know the youth but I don’t know why the youth wants to kill me but that’s how it goes you know, it’s part of the game. I feel plain warm when it passed through my foot but I continued to run because that didn’t stop me from running or anything because it didn’t fracture a bone or anything. It just burst through and through the flesh and grazed my other leg.

Jose Sanchez: “ So you went to KHMH?”

Kishawn Dennison: “Yes the GSU took me there.”

Jose Sanchez: “They took your statement and you got out last night or this morning?”

Kishawn Dennison: “This morning.”

Jose Sanchez: “And you are riding again?”

Kishawn Dennison: “Yes”

Jose Sanchez: “Aren’t you a little concerned about your life because you have never seen these guys before?”

Kishawn Dennison: “Well I don’t know the youth, it was the first time I saw him.”

Jose Sanchez: “But I have to ask you are you involved in a gang? Do you give a little bit of trouble?”

Kishawn Dennison: “I don’t hang out with any gang and stuff. I live back there with my brother and they are the only people I hang around. Before I went to jail I had my little crew that I used to hang with and stuff but since I came out I don’t hang out with anyone because it doesn’t make sense to hang out with that because I have family to live for.”

Jose Sanchez: ”So at this point are you working? Or looking for a job?”

Kishawn Dennison: “I am a fisherman, I work on sea.”

Jose Sanchez: “Turneffe, where do you go?”

Kishawn Dennison: “Long Caye”

Jose Sanchez: “So you are just doing your thing trying to live a decent life?

Kishawn Dennison: “I try changed my life to live a good life and stuff but it looks like when you change its then people want to come and deal with you.”

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Dennison says he will continue to work and do his best to live a life free from violence.