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Shootings in the City


Earlier on the newscast we told you about the shooting on Gill Street, which is only one hot-spot that the police is having to douse. When one area flares up, it’s usually results in other shooting incidents in other parts of the City. Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo briefed the media on two additional shooting incidents. During the first incident, the victim was spared injury, but a determined person went deep behind the Neal Penn Road extension area, all the way to where the street ends, where a family had carved out a piece of mangrove to build on. They were socializing and again, a gunman came and ruined the night for everyone.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: Mr. Royal Mendez a 20 year old Belizean Wood carver of Yabra Rd. was standing in front of Sunshine preschool which is located on Regent street along with other family members when they were approached by two male persons who he knew them and as a result one of the male person took out a fire arm and fired a single shot at him, Fortunately he and the other family member escaped unhurt and as a result of that police detained two persons and yesterday’s date police were able to arrest and charge two persons for that incident. They are namely Byron Jefforts 24 year old Belizean of 25 Wagner’s Lane and Charles Robert Miles and 18 year old Belizean of number 18 Wagner’s Lane. Both of them were charged for the crime of aggravated assault but just like we are trying to contain that side we have to deal with the other side not far away from that location which is coming to the Gil Street and Sepal area and Coral Rd. Area where these other shootings are have been occurring likewise. After 8:30 pm this happen at Arlington Drive, a female was along with her common law husband outside in their yard when they were approached by a male person. The female identify herself as Monica Ferguson; a 21 year old Belizean at number 24 Faber’s Rd. She had mentioned to police that she was on the veranda whilst her common law along with other friends were on the other side of the Veranda socializing when they observe a male person just entering the yard and firing several shots at her direction causing the injuries to her left ankle and right ankle, she is admitted in a stable condition at this moment.

Reporter: Was she the intended target police believe?

Asp Alejandro Cowo: What we understand from her yes we believe that she was the intended target.

The victim’s common-law-husband told us that his wife has already been released from the hospital and they just want to live in peace.