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Shop visit ends tragically

For the most part, the Michael Finnegan Market was closed yesterday; however, a couple businesses were opened, trying to take advantage of the holiday customers.  One of those businesses, Jun Shop was the scene of a fatal shooting.  40-year-old Michelle Anderson went to make a purchase, oblivious to the fact that her life was in danger. It was while Anderson was being served by the shop attendant that the establishment came under fire and Anderson was fatally injured. 30-year-old Nelson Joel Lopez Aguilar, the shop attendant, was also injured during the incident. Love News visited the shop where we spoke with one of the shop attendants.

Voice of Shop Attendant: “Yesterday at about 11 in the morning two men came around the shop and they started shooting but what I heard on the news is that it was attempted robbery but it’s not attempted robbery because the target was around the place and the person who they wanted was around the place and he managed to get away. Two victims got shot, one died and one is in the hospital but the one that died was not the person they wanted.”

Reporter: Since yesterday was a holiday, the market was closed or were there still stalls open?

Voice of Shop Attendant:“The market was closed but outside they still had a few vendors who were selling when it happened.”

Reporter: Is this the first time an incident happened here?

Voice of Shop Attendant:“Yes it’s the first time.”

At this morning’s press brief, ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of Crimes Investigation Branch spoke about the incident.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City:“The second incident happened Monday morning just after ten in the morning. Police responded to shots being fired in the Finnegan Market and as a result upon arrival at the Finnegan Market they were informed that two shooting victims were at the hospital, one being a female and one being a male person. Police had observed that she had a single gunshot wound to the left side of her chest and she succumbed to her injuries just after arrive at the hospital. The other male person that was being attended is Nelson Howell Lopez, he is a Salvadoran national of an East Collet Canal address. He had a gunshot injury to the hip and to the left ankle. What police gather so far is that both persons, the female and the male person were inside of June’s Meat Shop which is located at the Finnegan Market on East Collet Canal. Whilst Ms.Marie was doing her shopping inside of the meat market a young person came by and fired several shots in her direction and also hit Mr.Nelson who was attending to her inside the shop.”

Lopez-Aguilar was wounded in the left thigh and is listed in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.