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Shopping for Fish on Holy Thursday

One of the traditions upheld for years for Good Friday, is the consumption of fish.  With today being Holy Thursday, we ventured out to the Vernon Street Fish Market to see what the last minute shoppers are getting and what they are paying.  Several boats were docked at the market when we got there just after three o’clock this afternoon and the red snapper were in abundance but only the poopsie kind at five dollars per pound.  There was, however, the yellow tail snapper among others as explained by one of the vendors.


We also spoke with two consumers to find out what they’re getting for the Good Friday tradition.


Hampton Gamboa of the Fisheries Department commented on the price of the fish for this season and confirmed that fish is not in abundance.


2016 Easter Season has seen a hike in the price of fish as last year, the cost averaged about seven dollars per pound.