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Short Supply of Medication Soon to be Resolved

With social media being the platform that many persons use to lodge their complaints and dissatisfaction on certain matters, we do manage to sift through the issues of national concern and follow up on them with an aim to bring clarity to the situations.  One such concern that recently came up is the shortage of supply of blood pressure medication among others in the public health facilities.  While we have observed that some posts on social media may be to gain political mileage and nothing more, we still query them with the proper officials, like we did today when we spoke with the Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero.


Actually that is not true, as a matter of fact the listing of supplies that we are procuring this year has actually expanded because within the public structure we had a different listing from what was being given at the NHI clinics. What we are doing now is actually procuring medications that were only on the NHI listing are now being procured within the public sector so actually we have expanded the list of medications. What has happened is that there is a delay in terms of when those supplies got into country. I do know that the deadline almost all importers had for bringing in products was last week Friday. Once I get back to office I will check to see which of those importers have brought in the full gamut of supplies that they were slated to have brought in by last week.”


So then that would explain the shortage of supplies of these medications?”


That is in part. Why one of the reasons is that because we had a delay in the signing of contracts and we are also aiming to enforce that the contracts are now fully abided by, in the past that wasn’t really happening.”

As we reported in a previous newscast, the Ministry of Health is in the process of establishing a pharmaceutical registry which will maintain a certain standard when it comes to medication.