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Shots fired after Hot Dog Vendor Robbed

There were shots fired last night in the “Back A Town” area which is behind the Belize City Centre. The police department believes the shots were fired to mask the getaway of a robbery that had just occurred on Central American Boulevard. 49 year old Reina Andino sells hotdogs and burgers, in front of Star Hall across from the City Centre.  Andino told us that two young men went and ordered from her and then pulled out a firearm and robbed her of twenty five dollars along with a cellular phone. We spoke to Andino today and she says the robbery will not stop her from trying to make a living.

One of the suspects is a sixteen year old minor from Ebony Street. Unfortunately Andino did not file a police report. She told Love News that her husband was killed in the area over five years ago, and one of the suspects who was initially locked up for the crime is now free on the city streets.