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Should Belizeans be Worried About “Flurona”

And now scientists now say that there has been a case of what is called “Flurona” – a combination of the conventional flu and COVID-19. Israel reported its first case of this on Tuesday. Today, we asked KHMH CEO Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, who is also a registered nurse, about whether we here in Belize should be concerned about the possibility that there are cases of this mishmash.

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, CEO, KHMH:  “ There is always a reason to be concerned when they’re coming up with these because that would be a combination of two things the flu and the coronavirus. Of course persons who have been vaccinated against COVID would certainly stand a better chance against the Flurona or whatever it is that they’re calling it because remember persons who have vaccinated or who are boosted can still get the flu but if you’re unvaccinated you can get the flu and COVID then you will certainly be at a higher risk for being ill than that person who has been vaccinated and that also extends to persons who have been vaccinated and fall in the high risk categories such as hypertensives, obesity and uncontrolled diabetes and even persons who are fighting cancer. So yes there is a cause for concern and the more reason why we should try to get our vaccinations and more reason why we need to ensure we practice the protocols outlined by the public health.