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Shovel Bill: New shark discovered

Yesterday, we told you that a new species of shark was discovered in Belize by scientists from Florida International University. The shark is Sphyrna Tiburo commonly known as Shovel Bill. Ramon Carcamo, Fisheries Officer of the Fisheries Department, said that local fishermen are well familiar with this shark.

Ramon Carcamo – Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Department

“The Shovel Bill better known as the, Sphyrna Tiburo, is a common shark that we have had here for many years. Fishermen have been fishing it for a long time. It just so happened that the scientists were around gathering their data did some genetic analysis and were able to identify and distinguish that the shark that we have here is focused in Belize and not necessarily mixing with its own family in other parts meaning that it’s its own specie here in Belize and so that was a significant discovery and so it has added significant knowledge for us the manage sharks as well and it’s a specie that can sustain a fishery also because it grows fast, it reproduces fast as compared to the bull sharks or tiger sharks that we have that take a longer time to reproduce and grow and if you fish them too often they will be affected. These ones the Sphyrna Tiburo are the ones that could sustain a fisher and it’s an important discovery.”