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Show me your Worst Behavior: Belizeans & Guatemalan AK and Ammo

The police department had a busy weekend in the west. Last weekend, a Guatemalan National Anibal Avila shot at the Customs Department from the safety of the Guatemalan side of the border after officers refused him entry into Belize. This time around, a different Guatemalan National drove a black Range Rover across the border on Friday night and by 12:15 a.m. on the ninth, the police had found a cache of weapons inside the vehicle including a Kalashnikov.

ACP Joseph Mvett: “A report was made to Benque Viejo Police by telephone that some male persons in a vehicle were causing disturbances at a nightclub in Benque Viejo Town. As a result Police visited the nightclub where they encountered a black Range Rover with Guatemalan registered plates where a search was conducted on this vehicle which resulted in the discovery of one AK-47 Rifle and one 5.56 Mini Galil weapon. Also found were 47 rounds of 7.62 ammunition and 14 5.56 rounds of ammunition. All those persons are detained pending this investigation and the vehicle has since been impounded.”

Jose Sanchez: “Did these people cross the border with the guns or did they retrieve them in Belize?”

ACP Joseph Mvett: “We are not able to say at this point in time other than to say that our investigation has led us to the fact that this vehicle crossed into the country on the 8th of February sometime around 7:10 PM driven by a Guatemala national. Whenever these persons or vehicle enter the country they are checked by both Immigration and Custom officials. Whenever you are bringing a vehicle into the country their procedure applies that there has to be some registration for the vehicle and the second issue to that is in some instances searches are conducted by the Customs Department. When the officers arrived one of those persons who was the driver of the vehicle had a struggle with one of the officers as he attempted to make an escape into the vehicle whilst the other two were inside of the vehicle.”

The people detained include two Belizeans and a Guatemalan.