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Showcasing Belizean Culture

A Belizean woman is representing Belize in a cultural forum hosted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Florencia Castillo was invited by UNESCO to showcase various Belizean cuisine. Castillo is currently in Italy and we were able to speak to her on her experience and journey.

Florencia Castillo, Belize Representative for UNESCO forum:“The topic that we worked on was food culture, sustainable development, vocational schools and jobs and from my experience ,I have been contracted I have offered to help at the Belize Junior Agriculture High School in Orange Walk and I share the perspective of teaching students to cook and prepare traditional cultural foods incorporating the community members who have knowledge and skills in the field, incorporating the community with the students giving them classes that will help keep the intangible and tangible culture that we possess.We know that many of our traditional cultures are dying and in doing so we are trying to work together with communities teaching the young people from the area so that we can save our culture.

Castillo returns home this weekend.