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Agriculture & Farming

Shrimp industry looks to rebound

The shrimp industry in Belize is fighting to stay alive. In 2015 the industry suffered a devastating loss of more than thirty million dollars due to a bacterial disease. Since then the industry has slowly been recuperating and there was hope that by this year, the industry would be performing at its best. Agriculture Minister, Godwin Hulse, says that stakeholders are still trying to deal with a “technical” problem.

Godwin Hulse – Minister of Agriculture

“I have been down there to visit with them and I just came back last night again, looking at coconuts I’ve been meeting with the CJ all day and that sort of thing. There is some promising results and there are some disappointing results as well so I wouldn’t use the word crash. I can share with you some pictures of some lovely shrimp being produced by Rainforest people but they have small ponds that they have specially designed and the shrimp look excellent, they line them and it’s supposed to be a part of the new technology. People like Alvin Henderson, Mike Dunker is a part of that there have been some setbacks Alvin was about to export or did export some to Mexico but there have been some setbacks which we are trying to seriously analyze. I will put this as bluntly as I can, it’s a technical problem and it requires a technical solution and so at this time BAHA and everybody else is engaged in trying to find that technical solution to the setbacks but I wouldn’t say it crashed.”


“ But it’s also an economic problem.”

Godwin Hulse – Minister of Agriculture

“It’s economic, yes of course but remember that at the same time it is an industry you want to survive you want to go ahead so you have to try to find a solution and I must say to my mind the last meeting I had with the Shrimp Growers Association they are very unified in trying to find this which is the first thing. As you know when I spoke to you about sugar cane not 100% unified but we are getting there, running a pretty good crop, I’m trying to get citrus unified I must say banana and shrimp are unified in their quest to grow their industry.”

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