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Shrimp industry welcomes significant partnership

Cabinet also welcomed the news from the Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise, Jose Abelardo Mai that the shrimp industry is on the rebound. The minister reported to Cabinet that the current status of the industry, which was decimated by the Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) disease detected in Belize in 2015, is reviving and has significantly improved prospects for the future. The Ministry of Agriculture projects that this year’s shrimp production could reach as high as 2.5 million pounds at a value of over BZ$12.5 million. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Belize Aquaculture Limited and Vitali Alimentos, a Guatemalan animal feed company, have signed an agreement to grow quality shrimp post-larvae stock to supply Belize’s shrimp industry. The Ministry’s Senior Technical Advisor for the shrimp industry is Digno Polanco. 

 This agreement comes in the wake of recent improvements within the industry attributed to the infusion of technology and revised sanitation protocols for ponds, which have resulted in greatly improved productivity, reduced mortality and improved confidence in the industry which has seen significant setbacks. We asked Polanco if the Ministry will be able to assist shrimp farmers to adapt to this new technology. 

The Ministry says this will guarantee a shrimp variety that will provide larger and better harvests and stock, ensuring the viability of the shrimp industry as it is in its present state of regeneration.