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Shyne Barrow Congratulates Panton on her Performance

Now that the UDP Leadership convention is over and the squabbles over a recount is behind us, Moses Shyne Barrow, came out on The Morning Show and congratulated Panton on her performance in the delegate convention.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “I definitely would like to take the opportunity to commend the Hon. Tracy Panton on a hard fought campaign. She has proven to be a formidable political powerhouse and I believe this is great for the United Democratic Party. It is great to remove voter apathy. When you have two formidable candidates aspiring, there can only be one. I thank God that my vision prevailed but it does not take away from the contributions that Hon. Panton will make as Party Whip because she is the Party Whip. I plan to do all I can to ensure she remains as the Party Whip. She is the Eastern Regional Leader of the party which is a very significant role. I plan to recommend that as part of the constitutional reform of the party, that our regional leaders are considered Deputy Leaders of the entire party. So rather than have a first and second deputy, you will have four deputy leaders for each region so should her colleagues decide to keep her as regional leader for the east, she would be a deputy leader of the party and she has my support to continue to be regional leader for the eastern division

With recent turbulence within the United Democratic Party (UDP) many are now curious as to how the new dynamics of the political organization will play out under Barrow’s leadership. To date, there are many factors still to be settled including the roles that Patrick Faber and John Saldivar would now play. In an interview on The Morning Show today, Barrow explained some of his plans ahead to bring the party members together.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “What I think we bring to the table, you know that refreshing vision. You know that reset because we have our view of what the party should be not necessarily tainted by decades or a long time in opposition or entrenched in any particular way. I think there’s a flexibility when you have a new set of prisms looking and examining the institution and how to take it forward.”

Dr. Rene Villanueva: Any role for Patrick Faber, Hon. Patrick Faber in your vision?

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: Certainly. There is a role for all of the past leaders. John Saldivar is a former leader as well. He’s a former leader and so I will have both of them in Central Executive as the Constitution of the United Democratic Party stipulates, that all former party leaders should be a part of the Central Executive which is a significant body. Obviously the National Convention and the NPC are the two superior bodies of the party but certainly the Central Executive plays a role and I would like all three living former party leaders to play a role in moving the party forward, that is Prime Minister Barrow, former party leader, Faber and former party leader, John Saldivar.”
Another leadership convention for the UDP is slated to be held in 2024, one year prior to the next general elections.