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Shyne Barrow Distributes Schoolbags to less Fortunate

Shyne Barrow, Mesopotamia’s UDP Standard Bearer, held a school bag distribution event this morning for the constituents.  This is the fifth annual school bag distribution being done by Barrow.

Shyne Barrow, UDP Mesopotamia Standard Bearer

Shyne Barrow, UDP Mesopotamia Standard Bearer: “This is my fifth annual Mesopotamia Schoolbag distribution. When I started working in the community with my aspirations to represent the constituency in the House of Representatives I looked for ways to ease the burdens of the people in the community and to do something for them now. My entire agenda has always been taking action now and school is extremely important. I wish education was free, that not being the case certainly we try as a government to do as much as we can but when that subsidy is finished, we have to find ways, I believe as the standard-bearers,  to help our people. So easing the burden with a school bag you know deducts from the cost of books and uniforms and all other costs that they incur. We have a list of voters and you know whoever needs help they come in here so that is why it’s a thousand; it’s five hundred for high school and five hundred for primary school because you know we have people who are in need and again if it’s just to lighten the burden.”
Shyne Barrow noted that he will also be having a back to school hair trim initiative on Sunday on Amara Avenue, Belize City.  During this event at the Real Barbershop and the Orange Street Barber shop, young persons from the area will be able to get free haircuts and braiding.