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Shyne Barrow to inaugurate new resource center for Mesopotamia children

The Shyne Barrow Mesopotamia Resource Center will open next week in Belize City and will cater to students and children in the division and surrounding areas. Today we spoke with the man who pushed and collaborated with several other persons to have the center fully furnished. Shyne Barrow told us that he has always been interested in assisting the residents in the area especially since he was himself born there.

Shyne Barrow: “This community is very important to me and before we had the emergency crime situation that we are experiencing now it was always my intention to have a safe haven ,so to speak, such as this where children, young students could come; do their homework, complete their assignments, study and just be consumed and occupied after school trying to create alternatives, trying to reinforce what are children are learning in in school because sometimes they come home and that could be lost due to absentee parents, due to hostile households so this is just to support what our students are getting in the classroom.”

Students and children in Mesopotamia and surrounding areas will be able to access computer, internet and tutoring services, using advanced computer software.

Shyne Barrow: “They have Microsoft Office and that’s the best even though they are Apple so we this is fully functional; you do every  and anything on the computer and we will have volunteers from the Junior College or Junior Colleges to tutor the students and we will have someone manning the desk there to oversee. Every day will be on Monday to Fridays 2:30 to 5:30; we have already coordinated with the community Police to ensure that it is a safe Haven all the way through start to finish.”

Reporter: Will there be fee charge or a minimum fee at least charged to the students?

Shyne Barrow: “Absolutely not no, this is, I have been very fortunate in life, I’ve had many blessings, I hope that this could be a catalyst for other philanthropist to reach  deep inside of their pockets and bank books and purses and commit to the SouthSide of Belize to many of these other emergency areas , because our people need us. I understand that there is a war on crime but there also needs to be a war on poverty. I’d just really like to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who contributed to this resource center, big or small in anyway, I could not have done this by myself so thank you.”

The Center will open next week Friday.