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Shyne Barrow Issues Statement on Faber Fiasco

Since that meeting the entire UDP plot thickens as sources close to senior members in the UDP are saying that there is indeed an undercurrent at play. Area Representative for Mesopotamia, Shyne Barrow, he has issued a public statement saying, quote, “Patrick Faber fell short in his handling of a domestic issue as we all saw in the widely circulated video of the incident. I am encouraged by Patrick’s apology, however we as a Party & Parliamentarians must now deliberate if an apology is enough or are their further corrective measures that need to take place to treat a problem that persists and send a clear message to the public that the UDP will not tolerate certain actions especially from our Party Leader. This is an extremely difficult situation to be in. On the one hand you do not want to rush to crucify your colleagues yet on the other hand we must not defend the indefensible or excuse the inexcusable.” End of quote.

The statement from Barrow is ironic as he too had been embroiled in his own domestic issues back in October 2020 when his wife had made a police report against him following an argument. Also strongly condemning Faber’s actions is Area Representative for Albert, Tracy Panton. Panton took to social media and wrote, quote, “I condemn violence of any kind, against any individual under any set of circumstances. We have nurtured a culture and a generation where violence has become even more pervasive, especially violence against women. Without a second thought, we engage in violent speech and violent behavior when confronting challenges that may be difficult or painful to address. This behavior has far reaching negative implications on the lives of victims, of children, and of families. We need to keep an active dialogue on the very critical issues facing our young nation. Domestic abuse most definitely is in the top five on my priority list. We have to hold ourselves accountable as we need to hold each other accountable. We need to condemn, in the harshest terms, any acts of abuse against another person. While we hold perpetrators to account, we must find meaningful ways to support victims and provide help for perpetrators to rehabilitate. On a daily basis violence is taking over our relationships, our homes, our streets, our communities. We have lost too many lives. We have too many victims. We need to take definitive steps to eradicate this epidemic from our Belizean Society. Violence of any kind: physical, emotional, verbal is everybody’s business. It is as much your business as it is mine. As a woman, an official of the United Democratic Party and a duly elected member of the House of Representatives, I call for greater advocacy for and more urgent solutions to acts of violence and aggression against women in particular.” End of quote.

Love News has reached out to the UDP Chairman, Michael Peyrefitte and Deputy Chairman Alberto August for comment on the matter, but all we were told was, “I believe the statement (press release) speaks for itself”. Our request for an interview from Patrick Faber has gone unanswered.