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Shyne Barrow Makes Debut as Leader of the Opposition in HOR

UDP’s Area Representative, Moses Shyne Barrow rose to make his first presentation in the House of Representatives in the capacity as Leader of the Opposition. Barrow had written the Speaker of the House, invoking a specific Standing Order gor him to provide a personal explanation. Barrow explained how he became the Opposition Leader .

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “Madam Speaker I stand here before you today as Leader of the Opposition  not because of political ambition. I stand here before you because I am serious about the reform agenda. I am serious about accountability and I am serious about restoring public trust and confidence Madam Speaker. I am serious about being a safeguard of our democracy. I am serious about ensuring the best public policies for the people of Belize. As Leader of the Opposition I will hold not only the government accountable for it’s policies but I will hold myself and the opposition members accountable. This is a turning point in the history of governance in our country Madam Speaker. I have the fortitude and the political will to be the engine that helps to drive change for the better in Belize. Change is never easy but change is necessary. Madam Speaker reform is uncomfortable, reform makes some unsettled however to empower and uplift our people reform we must.”

It is to be noted that the recently ousted Patrick Faber has been placed fourth in line on the opposition’s side. Next in line to Barrow is member for Corozal North, Hugo Patt. Notably absent again from the House Meeting. We noticed that there was almost no interaction between Faber and Barrow today. We asked the Opposition Leader about it.

Reporter: Sir what was the atmosphere like on your side of the house with Mr.Faber because he arrived late and he didn’t even give you a little hail, he hailed Tracy Panton who didn’t support you as opposition leader.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “How did you see all of that ? You’re a very astute journalist. We’re not there for anything other than to serve our constituents and I just focused on the business of the people and I’d like to get back in there so I could talk about vaccination which I encourage everyone to get vaccinated and I encourage the government to lift restrictions for fully vaccinated people so if you’re fully vaccinated you could participate with other fully vaccinated people in all types of activities and those people who are not then they should suffer the curfews and the restrictions.”