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Shyne Barrow says he and his father do not share the same views

 “My father and I are the same, it’s just not the truth” those are the words of the Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow. His comments come after his father, former Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, disagreed with the younger Barrow on his views relating to Cuba and Venezuela. Today, we asked Barrow how he felt about his father’s statements. 

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “I’m so happy it did that because what it does is it highlights and reinforces what has always been the reality but what due to people with their political narratives have tried to impress upon the Belizean people that is a complete lie which is that somehow my father and I are the same. It’s just not the truth. The Right Honorable Prime Minister has his views and I have mine and there’s no homogenous family policy and family vision. Shyne Barrow is Shyne Barrow and Dean Barrow is Dean Barrow so he has a right to his views on foreign policy and I have a right to mine and it does not strain our relationship one bit that’s a part of democracy, that’s what makes it so beautiful that he could have his criticisms and his position and I hold fast to mine that I would never use the Summit of the Americas or any platform to scold or chastise such a great friend like the United States on behalf of dictators who don’t allow you to have a diverse opinion, who don’t allow you to have human rights, who don’t allow you to have your inalienable right to pursue happiness and liberty.”