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Shyne Barrow Takes Concerns over Eleventh Amendment to the International Media

Turning now to politics: Leader of the Opposition, Shyne Barrow has taken his concerns over the Eleventh Amendment on the international media. The former rapper reached out to his music and media network where he engaged on a talk show on Revolt Black News for some twenty minutes. The host, Rodney Rikai (ri-kai), presented several interviews on Shyne’s fight against the amendment. One such interview was with Jay Prince, CEO of Rap-a-Lot records who says he owns several properties in Belize. Other interviews were with some citizens who support Shyne’s argument.

In his portion of the interview, Shyne called out the People’s United Party (PUP) saying that the amendment is not good for Belize.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “It’s a very dangerous direction that the PUP government is going in. You know when you start altering the constitution to fix a problem that doesn’t exist there is no problem of rehabilitated, reformed individuals going to the House of Representatives and committing crimes. There is a problem of upper class oligarchs going to the House of Representatives those with PhDs and law degrees who go there and commit gross crimes of corruption and public breach of trust and steal millions of millions of tax payers dollars and thousands and thousands of acres of land and just pillage the public coffers there’s a problem with that. When the elections are called if they don’t fee that I’m suitable, if they don’t feel that I’m fit then they won’t vote for me and that’s the ultimate check and balance. You know the United States a criminal record doesn’t prevent you from being a congressperson or the President of the United States the only person that could stop you are the people that are gonna go out and vote. So this is very dangerous to weaponize the constitution to target the Leader of the Opposition. You know it’s really no different than in other countries where you see they jail and arrest the leaders of the opposition or political opponents. I’ve gone the last twenty three years without any arrests, any convictions and I’ve completely turned my life around that should be an inspiration to those people in marginalized, disadvantaged communities that they too can turn their lives around. So really I should be held up by both political parties to say this is what you guys should do; stop killing each other, go to school, turn your lives around and one day you could be the leader of the opposition.”