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Shyne Barrow’s Music Scholarship Fund Established

In this upcoming academic year, the Saint John’s College Sixth Form will be, for the first time, offering an Associate’s Degree in Music.  The Music Centre was officially inaugurated on June 2 on the school’s compound following collaboration with Loyola University in New Orleans; a fellow Jesuit institution.  This collaboration has brought about the development of a music curriculum and the setting up of the centre which will be able to house fifteen to twenty students.  Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow got a personal tour of the facility last week and during that tour, he came up with the idea of the Shyne Barrow Music Scholarship.


“I went to meet with Ms. Peralta, the President of SJCJC this morning because I wasn’t able to make it to the inaugural opening of the music center which will house the music degree program on Friday so I went there today and she was telling me about a young man from my Alma Mater, Daron Flowers and she was talking about the instrument that he plays and how the professors were so impressed with him but right now he is scouring to find financial support, he is not sure if he will be able to go and I said well the Shyne Barrow Scholarship fund has just been formed. I will pay full scholarship for him so that is four semesters associate degree in music.”

Barrow says the music program at St John’s Junior College falls in line with the goals of developing local talent even further.


“For me it’s a dream come true to be able to have all of the moving parts that it takes to develop an advanced music industry, it’s all happening before my eyes whether it’s music week, whether it’s the copyright push that is taking place and now the academic now I hope the University of Belize will follow suit and I hope Galen will follow suit and so you have different alternatives.”

The scholarship is for two years and is valued at about five thousand dollars.  The first recipient of the scholarship is Darren Flowers from Wesley College.