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Shyne Gets the Boot as Leader of the Opposition

Patrick Faber will be back as Leader of the Opposition as early as tomorrow. Love News has received a copy of the letter signed by three of the five UDP elected representatives to have Faber reinstated. The letter was dated September 13 and addressed to the Governor General asking for her urgent attention on the fact that Moses Shyne Barrow no longer commands the full support of the elected UDP officials. In response to this development, Barrow has said in a press release which reads in part, quote “It has been my distinct privilege and honor to serve my Country and Party as Leader of the Opposition” Unquote. He adds that quote “I accept with grace that the majority of the Elected Opposition Members of the House have now elected a new Leader of the Opposition.” Since his tenure ends after just eighty-three days on the job, Barrow ends off by saying quote “I will continue to serve my Mesopotamia Constituency and perform my Parliamentary duties earnestly to bring about better policies and quality of living for the Belizean People.” Tracy Taegar-Panton, one of the three representatives who signed the letter to have Faber back as Opposition leader, said in a Facebook post quote “Following a meeting held yesterday with our Standard Bearers/Care Takers, based on a consensus agreement, I have signed off on a letter to the Governor General to reinstate our Party Leader, the Hon Patrick Faber, as the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives. As Constituency Leaders of this great United Democratic Party, our energies are focused on the Wicked Problems facing us as a nation that erode our peaceful existence as a Belizean People and our very way of life. We continue committed to holding this BLU PUP Government Administration to account and to keeping our democracy strong. Long Live the UDP!” End of quote.