Shyne is not bothered by dissenting views on Khan resettlement

Shyne is not bothered by dissenting views on Khan resettlement

UDP Leader Moses “Shyne” Barrow yesterday wished Majid Khan “well” as he resettles here in Belize. As we reported, Khan is now living in Belize following a resettlement arrangement, which was brokered by the U.S. and Belizean governments. Khan, a Pakistani, was detained at Guantanamo Bay for his role as a terrorist, following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. In the 22 years since the U.S. authorities and the Belize government are convinced that Khan has been deradicalised and has paid his debt to society. Senator Michael Peyrefitte – like many Belizeans – have vehemently disagreed with the Government’s decision to have Khan resettled here. Barrow, who himself served time in the U.S., says that despite his chairman’s differing opinion, he feels that everyone deserves a second chance. Here’s how he put it.

Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “I have no difficulty with the party chairman sharing a different view than I do on the Khan matter. As far as my personal position on Mr.Khan my support that I have given is based on a humanitarian level as well as a personal level. I more than anyone in the House of Representatives and maybe in all of Belize know the journey of redemption. I know the journey of rehabilitation, reformation, atonement, contrition. I understand that far too well. I understand that 24 years ago the 19 year old child that  I was that made a mistake even though I was defending myself, I am not the same person. I have totally changed. I have totally transformed. So for me personally the story of Mr.Khan struck a chord. That does not erase what he was convicted of, his participation in terrorism.”

While yesterday, the UDP Leader said that he wished Khan well, his parliamentary colleague, Tracy Panton raised some concerns. Panton says she strenuously opposes the decision of the Government to allow the relocation of Mr. Majid Khan to Belize. She adds quote, “Placing such a person in the midst of our population can potentially pose a risk to citizen security. It is my view that a decision of such magnitude can have serious implications for Belize’s National Security and establishes a dangerous precedent. She also called for constitutional reform so that these types of decisions cannot be made without first consulting the Representatives of the People in the National Assembly.” She called the decision quote “incomprehensible, abhorrent, and utterly unacceptable.” End quote.///  Meanwhile, Prime Minister John Briceno responded to criticism that it took one day for Khan to get a Social Security Card, adding that Belizeans are welcoming people.

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