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Shyne says NICH Board is a Rubber Stamp

We can report tonight that NICH President Sapna Budhrani will be suspended pending the outcome of an external audit which was ordered by Cabinet. The case against Budhrani was forwarded by Music Ambassador, Jamal Shyne Barrow who was present at the National Assembly Building today. He told the media that he saw the press conference that the NICH board and president Sapna Budhrani delivered. He said the NICH board is just a rubber stamp appointed by Minister of Culture and he wasn’t impressed with the board’s press conference.

Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow: “The questions that were most prevalent were never answered as far as the fuel usage and the auditor did not address any of the questions that were raised in the preliminary internal audit but I will not necessarily engage in a back and forth because cabinet has made a decision that an independent auditor ought to go in there and get to the bottom of it. The decision was not to terminate Ms. Budhrani but instead to give natural justice and one side was presented via the internal auditor. They have their side and so you call in the referee which is the independent auditor and you allow them to make the decision so I don’t see the NICH board repeating the position of their Minister of Culture who appointed them. I don’t see that as being any bomb shell or anything ironclad. It is me, it is the internal auditor and it is the CWU, it is the cabinet, everybody has it wrong expect the person I am confident there are serious issues with.”

Reporter: “And her board of directors.”

Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow: “Well her Board of Directors are rubber stamp.”

Shyne also spoke of his investments in the music industry which he says have gone unappreciated.

Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow: “Of me having my way I have spent $180,000 of my money and in the emails that I sent you I said that. That has been disputed, no one is talking about that so I feel there is a bit of unappreciation and just ungratefulness on the part of the NICH board. and Budhrani to not appreciate all that I have contributed so it has nothing to do with me not getting my way. This is costing me; who else has spent 180 or $ 175,000 of their own monies on music activities and there are activities that are there. I support everything from Love FM to KREM, everything that is music related I am the biggest benefactor of music here in Belize’s so the $40,000 that is allotted to me plus the $35,000 that makes up 75 and I spend $250,000 a year so no one is talking about that but one is talking about the 250 that is spent so again I question the letter. I believe the motive was vindictive, it was malicious, it was strategic to try to distract from the matter at hand because she has still has not answered why it is not registered the license plate and why she did not register the use of mileage and you know why those safekeeping measure are kept in place in order to prevent abuse.”

We will continue to follow this story.


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