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Shyne speaks on NICH presidency

The Music Ambassador also spoke to the media about a letter he sent ot the then Director of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), Sapna Budhrani.  In the letter Barrow recorded his discontent in her leadership and the various positions that she was in control of. He states that he still stands firm with his view of her position and believes she is not the best candidate for the job.

Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow: I certainly stand by my sentiments. I do think that it is inappropriate that you have a President who is also the Administrator for checks and balances. For accountability and transparency it is important that those roles be separated. In fact that is why it was structured like that to begin with so certainly you can’t have the CFO be the CEO, be the President, be everything and certainly there have been very many concerns raised by different executives as to the operations of NICH. Certainly my biggest concern is the fact that to date I have not gotten a commitment from Ms. Budhrani with the Garifuna Collective going to WOMEX. I actually sent her an email over a month ago and she responded to me finally last Friday. Sent her an email in June; she responded to me last Friday so that gives me great concern. I have done a tremendous amount of work for the creative industry, for the Music Industry. In particular people like Karen Vernon and Greg Vernon and Neil Hall, they have all done a tremendous amount of work and we just hate to see that be reversed, so my letter was not for public consumption. It was to try to raise the issues that I raised in hopes that they will be taken seriously and be considered and we will have our way forth but the way forth has been to just not respond to me and I think that doesn’t demonstrate leadership capacity.

He states that his concerns are still there even though she has since been promoted to President. He believes that his concerns on a whole have been disregarded by the board.

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