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Shyne speaks on Julian Cho Board decision to reject his appearance at graduation

Reports emerged that last week, the majority of students of Julian Cho Technical High School’s graduating class voted for Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow to be their commencement speaker.  Following this vote, it was also reported that the school’s board told the students they needed to vote again. The school’s board chairman is Minister Oscar Requena’s driver and the decision to reject Barrow to speak to the students suggests politics is at play. Barrow was asked for his reaction today and he says that Julian Cho is not the school to ask him to speak. 

Hon. Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Leader of the Opposition: “That was rejected by the board. The students in one vote where the Governor General was listed as one of the options voted for me and then my understanding is due to political pressure the board rejected that and then put forth a list as you said an ethnically homogeneous list in which then the Governor General got the most votes. But for me again you can’t redo votes like I wish that opportunity was available if there is a low voter turn out then you can say oh well this election won’t count because only certain amount of people came out. The students that voted in the first instance their wishes should have been respected because they’re not alone, this is not an anomaly. As I said all the way in Corozal that’s the north students voted for me to be their  guest speaker. In Dangriga students voted for me to be their guest speaker. In ACC which I didn’t get a chance to respond to confirm they asked me to be their guest speaker so there’s a thread there and I believe there’s a reason they’re asking me to be their guest speaker. I inspire them. I motivate them, I bring something refreshing to the table when they see the way I conduct myself in the House, the way I conduct myself internationally, nationally, the way I try to bring bipartisanship.”